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prostitute of the streets, kept woman, whore...I am all of these...with total abandon

'in truth…she is a salamander, she is a nymph…she is a bacchante of the menelean mount.'

My Desires:

all of France, especially Paris
Italian men
sultry dark eyes
the seductive feel of black velvet and black silk
black garters and black silk stockings
the occult
blood vampirism
the night



Friday, May 14, 2010


The hetairae were the professional courtesans and high-ranking prostitutes of ancient Greece, prized for their intellect and charm as well as for their beauty and sexual favours. Of all the women in ancient Greece, they alone were allowed to join men at drinking parties known as symposia.

Hetaerae appear to have been regarded as distinct from pornĂª, or simple prostitutes, and also distinguished from mistresses or wives.

Highly educated in music, poetry, philosophy, and current events, hetairae were independent and oftentimes influential women whose opinions and beliefs were respected by men. One had to court the favours of the hetairae, whose company was in great demand.

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"So sweet and delicious do I become,
when I am in bed with a man
who, I sense, loves and enjoys me,
that the pleasure I bring excels all delight,
so the knot of love, however tight
it seemed before, is tied tighter still."
— Veronica Franco (Poems and Selected Letters)

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Sultan's Favorite