petite, bohemian, feminine goth lady, femme fatale, and sexy trollop of wild abandon...
prostitute of the streets, kept woman, whore...I am all of these...with total abandon

'in truth…she is a salamander, she is a nymph…she is a bacchante of the menelean mount.'

My Desires:

all of France, especially Paris
Italian men
sultry dark eyes
the seductive feel of black velvet and black silk
black garters and black silk stockings
the occult
blood vampirism
the night



Saturday, February 13, 2010


An odalisque was a personal chambermaid of the concubines in the harem of a Turkish sultan, trained in the art of being a concubine, or courtesan. She would then sexually serve the sultan, which would result in the change of her status to concubine. If she gave birth to the sultan's son, she would then become one of his wives.

Today, odalisque refers to a woman who is the courtesan of a wealthy and powerful man.

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"So sweet and delicious do I become,
when I am in bed with a man
who, I sense, loves and enjoys me,
that the pleasure I bring excels all delight,
so the knot of love, however tight
it seemed before, is tied tighter still."
— Veronica Franco (Poems and Selected Letters)

Sultan's Favorite

Sultan's Favorite