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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Prostitutes In Film

Many films depict prostitutes in many different ways, from the fairy-tale fantasy of "Pretty Woman" to the gritty, harsh reality of "Mona Lisa".  (Personally, I thought "Pretty Woman" was pretty silly; "Mona Lisa", on the other hand, was brilliant.)

"Klute" (1971) and "London to Brighton" (2006) are two very powerful films dealing with prostitution.

"Klute" stars Jane Fonda as call girl Bree Daniels, who helps detective John Klute solve a missing persons case. Bree seems to have a carefree lifestyle - lots of cash and independence - yet she is vulnerable and filled with self-doubt; this is depicted in a very moving scene with her psychiatrist.

From call girls to the gritty streets:

"London to Brighton" is a crime drama focusing on the disturbing world of child prostitution. Kelly is a world-weary London streetwalker forced by her violent pimp, Derek, to recruit an 11 year-old runaway girl named Joanne as a prostitute for a mobster client who is a pedophile. Kelly and Joanne escape on a train to Brighton; the perverted mobster orders Derek to bring back Kelly and the child.

Both "Klute" and "London To Brighton" reveal the harsh realities of prostitution in a powerful yet sensitive way. All too often, the mainstream media tend to depict prostitution as something glamourous; these two films scrub off the sugarcoating and show just what life on the game can mean if you don't keep your wits about you.

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